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Most people don’t even think about locksmiths until they land into a situation where they need the help of one. However, when you’re in a situation like that, you might not be in the headspace to calmly do your research about locksmiths. So, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 most frequently asked questions about locksmiths, that you might need answers to!

1. What services do locksmiths offer?

Locksmiths deal with everything related to locks. From design, manufacturer, and repair, they can do it all! Although mostly, locksmiths are called to open up broken or malfunctioning locks!

2. Are all locksmiths reliable?

The answer to this one, depends on the one you choose! It’s important that you do your research before hiring a locksmith. Look up “Locksmith Alabaster‘, or the locksmiths in your area and go through their reviews. The one with the most reviews is the one you should go for!

3. When should you call a locksmith?

If you have enough knowledge to tackle your “lock task” at hand, you can look up a tutorial and try to go for it yourself! But, if you don’t it might be a better idea to call a locksmith instead!

4. Can locksmiths make spare keys?

Locksmiths are experts in everything related to locks. This will include making spare keys! Whether you have a key you need duplicated, or need a new version of a key that has been damaged, as long as you’re the rightful owner of the lock in question, the locksmith will be able to make a key for you!

5. Can a locksmith help you get into a locked car?

Yes! Contrary to the common thought that locksmiths can only handle traditional door locks or padlocks, locksmiths can also work with car locks! If you’ve locked yourself out of your car, a locksmith can help you get back in!

6. Can a locksmith help with safe problems?

Just like doors and cars, safes also function on their own type of locking mechanism. Locksmiths have also studied safe locks extensively, and can help you unlock a malfunctioning safe, or one that you’ve forgotten the code/lost the key of!

7. Can a locksmith reprogram a key fob?

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Yes! If your keyfob has been malfunctioning, or you’ve had to get a replacement, you’ll have to get it reprogrammed, and a locksmith can easily do that for you!

8. Can a locksmith open any doors?

As long as that door has some sort of locking mechanism on it, a locksmith will be able to study the lock and disassemble the lock for you easily!

9. How much do locksmiths charge?

This one will vary depending on a lot of different factors. The first one is who you pick. If you’ve gone for a highly skilled, experienced locksmith, it’s likely that their charges may be a little higher than the market standard, but that also comes with added reliability. If you’ve had to call the locksmith to a location that’s far from where they operate, they might charge a little bit extra for the travel. Finally, their charges will also depend on the job, the more complicated the task is, the higher the charges would be. However, none of the charges would be extremely high, or extremely low. If you’ve been quoted an extremely low charge, the locksmith might not be the best at their job and it might be better for you to choose someone else!

10. Do locksmiths offer emergency services?

Although not all locksmiths offer emergency services, most of them do! You should be able to find this information on their website, and if they have it listed, you can call them in an emergency! However, it’s important to note that their “emergency changes” may differ from the regular charge. Ask about this before calling them over to be safe!