In today’s era of technology, it becomes hard for teachers to motivate students for learning. The latest gadgets and social media distract more in online teaching as compare to offline ones. This lets the students lack in adopting the various skills, and getting successful in their online examination. The various examination management system in Pakistan, UAE, or in any other country often seems to be ineffective for the students.

Fostering student’s motivation is difficult, yet necessary aspect of teaching. You probably have let classes where students are excited, engaged, and motivated. But today, in online classes, more students are distracted, disinterested, and reluctant to engage. This is the main factor that you need to address in order to prepare students for online exams.

This blog comes up with addressing the real hurdles regarding the preparation of students and help teachers to bring motivation for online examination. So let’s continue to know more.

How Teachers Can Prepare Students for Online Exams

Although teachers can’t sit with students during an online examination, still there are a lot of ways to make the students feel motivated. However, the journey starts at the beginning of online classes. You need to ensure that you have covered the curriculum based on the test to reduce the failure percentage in your class.

While helping students by indicating the essential question is a good way to help students with their examination. However, you need to find a legit way that can help students to overcome their exam hustles effectively. So how to find it? Below are the key ways through which teachers can prepare students for online exams. So let’s explore.

1.    Prepare Students based on Exam Pattern

The first priority of any teacher should be to help students in learning according to the exam pattern. Often teachers try to cover the whole courses in general that may confuse the students about the exam pattern. Therefore, it is mandatory to create a map that indicates the journey of the whole course. Once the students are aware of the test format it will be easy for them to prepare accordingly.

By preparing students based on exam pattern it becomes comfortable for the students to plan for spending time on the critics. This is one of the effective ways for teachers to prepare students for online exams.

2.    Use LMS for Effective Online Learning

Online learning is solely based on the type of software teachers use. Most of the time, the zoom, and other free software aren’t capable to bring an effective connection between students & teachers. This is the main problem that never let teachers prepare students for online exams. Therefore, you need to come up with a learning management system that features more helping tools for both students & teachers.

3.    Conduct Quiz After Each Topic

One of the most effective ways through teachers can prepare students for the online exam is the quiz method. Mostly, students forget the previous topic more quickly in online classes. Therefore, it is important to conduct an online short quiz for revising the previous topic more effectively. You can give a day or two for the quiz preparation to help them in memorizing the topic more effectively.

4.    Focus on Essential Content

There is no other way to help students with online exams than to make them learn essential topics. You need to focus on the topics that are most likely to come in exams. How? repeating those topics, giving assignments, and conducting revision can help you to focus on essential content.

5.    Create Mock Exams

Mock exams are just like the real exams that evaluate students learning for the final examination. This method always works for the students who prepare for the examination at the last moment. By conducting mock exams before the finals let the students know their mistakes before the final one.