Sandringham Estate is buzzing with various events and developments in June 2024.

One of the highlights is “Sandringham in Bloom,” a nine-day event from June 3rd to 11th, celebrating flora and fauna with British seasonal flowers adorning Sandringham House, sourced from the Flowers from the Farm movement. This event showcases the estate‘s commitment to local and sustainable horticulture​ (Sandringham Estate)​.

Sports enthusiasts can look forward to the Run Sandringham Half Marathon on June 16th. This major event in the East Anglian running calendar will attract runners of all abilities, offering a scenic route through the Sandringham Estate and raising funds for various charities​ (Run Sandringham).

Additionally, from June 28th to 30th, the estate will host the Sandringham Horse Driving Trials, featuring competitions in dressage, marathon, and cone driving, promising an exciting spectacle for equestrian fans​ (​.

In an effort to promote sustainability, King Charles has submitted plans for a new solar farm at Sandringham. This initiative aims to enhance the estate’s energy efficiency and contribute to meeting its energy needs in an eco-friendly manner​ (Solar Power Portal)​.

These events and developments reflect Sandringham Estate’s vibrant role as a hub for community activities, sports, and sustainability efforts, continuing its legacy as a cherished royal residence.