The domain name .com has maintained its popularity till now owing to many reasons. The domain was developed in 1985 when domain names were first introduced. It is the earliest domain name, and that’s why it remains popular compared to other domain names, even today.

.COM refers to the commercial. So, the commercial sector began to use this domain name at first. Gradually companies from diverse fields start taking an interest in this domain name and wish to get it while domain registration India.

What is the history of .com domain name? What benefits people get through the .com domain name? Let’s explore these topics in this post.

History of .COM domain:

When it comes to top-level domain names, the first name that comes in the list is .com. Undeniably, the domain name has earned people’s confidence and help beginners to get traffic for their website.

As for most people, the .com refers to an authentic and genuine website. For them, another domain name seems fraudulent and unreliable. There were other domain names like .edu, .gov, .mil, .org, along with .com consider as the top five domain names. However, .com got a release in 1984 and others took a year and release in 1985, and thus people consider as the earliest and best domain name till date.

More than 60% of the users who need to do domain registration in India look for .com extension as their domain name. With every passing year, a lot of domains introduce but the popularity of .com doesn’t get faded.

In today’s time, there are uncountable domain names based on country or business type available to get it through domain registration in India. But people still feel skeptical when it comes to choosing other domain names.

Benefits of .com domain name:

If you are not sure, why should you buy .com domain name then this guide will present some reasons to you to clear your doubt.

.COM domain name offers the features because:

It is popular: Whether it’s a technical or non-technical people, everyone is aware of .com. So, when they see your site with .com in it, they starting believing your firm and its online presence.

Besides being a popular domain name, it is easy to remember this domain name whether you are an old or new customer.

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It offers a tremendous global presence: The .com domain has hundreds of thousands of sites on the web which represent your site among them. So, if someone needs any related information regarding domain registration in India, they will immediately visit your website without mistake.

It’s available on most of the service provider’s sites: if you are planning to register a domain name then consider .com because it is available on most of the service provider’s sites.

You can order a domain name before its registration ends: if you have any domain-related work in mind and want to buy a domain then you can easily order a domain through various services available online.

It improves the website SEO ranking: If you are planning to buy domain registration in India then remember that it will improve the website’s ranking. This domain name extension is very popular among all domain names and ranks higher than any other domain name in search engines.

It is used by many large companies: if you have a business idea and want to start your online business then the .com domain name is best suitable for that. It is the most popular domain name among other domain names and it’s used by many big companies so if you want to register a domain name then domain registration in India or any other domain registrar can be your best choice.

It’s easy-to-remember: The .com domain name is an easy-to-remember domain extension. It’s the domain name on which your business will depend so if you want to register a domain name then domain registration India or any other domain registrar can be your best choice and it will help you to build a good online presence for your business.


Undoubtedly .com domain name is popular and beneficial. However, it doesn’t imply that other domain names are ineffective. If you don’t find .com, instead of feeling disheartened continue to research for the best domain name as per the business domain you are into and get benefits of it.